Tripod Table Legs

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Tripod stands are perfect for creating a beautiful base for your project. They are modern, elegant, and do a great job of showcasing table tops . Because of their three point surface contact, they will not allow your table to rock back and forth even if your floor is uneven. These stands really do a wonderful job of creating a perfect pedestal that simply allows your table top project to be the highlight with the distraction of a busy base. 

 Use tripod stands for:
  • In place of hairpin legs for smaller side tables and night stands.
  • To create small pieces of furniture with a modern, simple, and elegant feel.
  • A great base when there is only a small surface area on your project for mounting legs.

  • Made from 5/8" cold rolled steel

    Base plate dimensions: 6" x 6"

    If "Powder Coat" option is chosen please specify a color choice. If no color is given then default color chosen is Flat Black

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