Ready To Plasma Cut Signs/Wall Art Designs

Ready To Plasma Cut Signs/Wall Art Designs


    From signs to personal use or for businesses to templates for sandblasting and everything in between if you can dream it, we can usually cut it.   These are just a few examples of our work.
    We offer cutting in a variety of materials and use a water table system to keep parts cool during cutting to minimize warping of parts and to reduce the heat affected zone on hardened materials like AR plate.
    If you're thinking about having a custom piece made, please look over the options below.  Prices are based on several options, and to give an accurate quote we need all this information:


    Metal Type   

    Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel: Steel is the least expensive option, Aluminum is the lightest


    We commonly cut from 20-gauge steel (0.0359 inches) to ½ inch thick steel, for artwork and signs we typically use 14-gauge (0.0747 in) or 16-gauge (0.0598 in)


    Our machine can accept a 5 ft by 5ft piece of raw material to cut a design out off.  We can make larger designs by joining pieces, but typically 5ft x 5ft is the largest single piece.


    When it comes to finishing the piece, we have many options: Bare metal finish, several sanding patterns, clear coat, paint, powder coating, custom patinas are just a few of the options.

    When looking for images or design ideas we often tell people to search a topic on Google and click the “images” button and look through the millions of pictures available to help with picking a design starting point or image they like.
    Once you have a general idea of what you want, we can guide you through the process and explain your options.  
    To order some custom metal artwork for your home or business call or email us.

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