CNC Plasma Cutting Info

Precision CNC Plasma by Raymond's Workshop

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STANDARD LEAD TIME: 5 business days

SET-UP (CAD): $40 minimum*

TABLE LOADING FEE: $20.00. Applies to any material 'blank' over 70 lbs. (Forklift required)

Maximum Capacity: 1/2-inch-thick steel, 1/4 thick aluminum. 800 lbs. max.  Working area 60 X 60. Table capacity 66 X 66

PLASMA CUTTING: Less than 1 HR: $4.50/minute. Over 1 HR: $4.00/minute. Over 2 hours $3.70/minute. Over 2.5 hours $3.50/minute. Over 3 hours $3.30
/minute. **

Consumables: Anything over a 1 HR a charge of $10 per HR may be added.

CUT SPEEDS: Cutting speeds vary from 12 inches per minute
up to 100+ inches per minute depending on the thickness and type of material.

CREATIVE ARTWORK: $40.00/hr. 1 HR minimum***

* CAD - applies to mechanical drawings (drafting).
Minimum $40 per part number if we need to generate CAD drawings. This fee may be waived if "cut-ready" .dxf format CAD drawings are provided. 

** PLASMA CUTTING - Cut time on small jobs will be
rounded up to the nearest minute

*** CREATIVE ARTWORK - refers to non-mechanical
commissioned drawings/metal art