CNC CO2 Laser

 If you are interested in one of our existing products

First, check our CNC Laser Designs and Artwork Concepts


Our growing library of "ready to laser purchasable designs" for a quicker check-out. 

If you're thinking about having a custom piece lasered, please look over the options below.  Prices are based on several options, and to give an accurate quote we need all this information:

Material Type:   Steel*, Aluminum, Stainless Steel*, Wood, Plywood, Acrylic, etc.

*Requires a special solution to engrave on bare/raw material

Thickness: We commonly cut through material as thick as 1/4-inch-thick

Size: Our machine can accept a 5 ft by 3ft piece of material to laser a design on/out of.    We can make larger designs by sending the piece through the pass throughs or joining after lasering if cutting.

Finish: Bare metal, raw wood, clear coat, paint, powder coating, etc.


When looking for images or design ideas we often tell people to search a topic on Google and click the “images” button and look through the millions of pictures available to help with picking a design starting point or image they like.   Once you have a general idea of what you want, we can guide you through the process and explain your options.  

To order some custom laser artwork for your home or business call or email us.


 Laser Engraving/Cutting 

Cutting/Engraving ranges from $2 to $3 per minute

Cut/Engraving speeds vary and range from 30 to 300+ mm per minute

We can accommodate various materials 

Send an email to with your specifications and requirements including any drawings or sketches

If your order requires shipping provide your zip code

If you have any other questions, please refer to this info page for more information.


CAD drawings

Design or CAD work is quoted on a case-by-case basis.