Hairpin Legs (Set) - Raymond's Workshop
Hairpin Legs (Set) - Raymond's Workshop

Hairpin Legs (Set)

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Sold as a Set of 4

Offered in 3/8" and 1/2" diameter

Made from solid cold rolled steel.

Pre-drilled and counter-sunk holes make them ready to easily attach to almost any base. These can include dining tables, stands, desks, outdoor tables, benches, sofa tables, and anything else you can think of. Use our hairpin selector guide to choose the perfect diameter for your project.

  • We recommend 3/8" diameter for lighter use projects, and 1/2" diameter for desks, dining tables, and heavier projects.
  • Solid cold steel mid-century style hairpin legs
  • Hairpin legs have about a 6-degree angle from the base to the floor
  • We recommend adding a clear lacquer to preserve their appearance

Hairpin legs have about a 6-degree angle from the base to the floor. Much of their beauty comes from this angle. A tip for aesthetics, don’t mount them too close to the edge of your piece. Mount them at about 1 1/2” from the corner edges. The 6-degree angle will bring them out to just a few inches from the edge of your piece when legs touch the floor for the perfect look.

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M Hamza Mian
Los Angeles, CA

The is perfect for all of my fabrication work. I can hire him without having a second thought.

Los Angeles, CA

Great company and timely transaction. Legs were exactly what I expected and looked great with the perfectly imperfect elm table tops I made for my niece! Will use Raymond’s Workshop again!

Leeds, ND

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