Grip Clean 4,000ML Refill Cartridge

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World's only DIRT infused soap

Grip Clean all natural industrial hand soap made with Coconut and Olive oil. Vegetable based ingredients do not dry or crack skin - EVER.


These refill cartridges come with the capacity of holding over 1 gallon of soap. Every container comes with a new dispensing pump, ensuring pump longevity and no product dripping. When installed, the upside-down design ensures every last drop of soap is used.





Made with Real Ingredients

Real coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable glycerin, and cosmetic grade clays.

2x Concentrated Formula

2 times more concentrated than leading brands. Enough said.

Dirt infused heavy-duty hand cleaner
formula contains cosmetic grade Bentonite and Kaolin clays. Particles can swell up to 15x their own size absorbing toxins. Finely ground clay exfoliates your skin latching onto grease deep in your pores and rinsing clean.
All Natural product
Coconut Oil and Olive oil Castile Soap base moisturizes your skin while cleaning. Eliminates dry and cracked hands. No harsh chemicals, solvents, or fragrances.
virtually everything. Grease, engine/motor oil, diesel soot, inks, gasoline, odors, smoke, wood stain, tree sap, grass stains, hair dye, acetone, makeup, sharpie, etc...

automotive mechanics, fabricators, landscapers, construction workers, farmers, welders, tradesman, janitorial services, etc...

NON TOXIC and Vegan Friendly
Safe to use on entire body, including your face, arms, feet, or wherever... Not tested on animals, only really dirty mechanic hands.
*Coconut Oil and Olive oil leave your skin feeling soft – lime essential oil added for a crisp scent*


Recommended amount of washes: 1000 per cartridge


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